Hope of Isabel's House 2x: Every Dollar Matched!

At Isabel's House, we provide round-the-clock care for children and support for parents during times of crisis - when they need it most. Because of you, over 9 out of 10 of our families will stay together, and thanks to the support of our April "Month of Momentum" partners, this hope-giving power of your gifts is being doubled!

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Pledge Incentives

$20.00 Level

31 Supporters

Hope for healthy, happy children! At this level and above, you can look forward to seeing your name featured in a special section in our 2017-18 Annual Report as we thank you and the other amazing donors for your participation in our Hope of Isabel’s House campaign.

$32.00 Level

8 Supporters

Hope for families to always feel right at home! At this level and above, you will receive a special Isabel’s House "Hope Butterfly" in the mail to keep as a reminder in your own home, signed with the fingerprints of a child for whom you’ve provided love, care and safe shelter at Isabel’s House.

$50.00 Level

25 Supporters

Hope for parents to get help – for any crisis, anytime, day or night! At this level and above, you will have the opportunity to sign your name on a customized, large-print poster that will be specially framed for long-term display in one of our Family Visit Rooms and unveiled during our next Community Tour Day on May 12.

$137.00 Level

16 Supporters

Hope for kids to keep their stride! The first 22 donors at this level or above will be issued one art-quality 4” print of one of 11 unique “Hope of Isabel’s House” art pieces, each made with love by a child at Isabel’s House and commissioned by our Associate Board for their April 6, 2018 fund raiser exhibit at ArtWalk.

Project Overview


Hope is more than a word, and we want you to know how your gifts add up to provide every need and an endless supply of strength for the children and families of Isabel's House...

Hope for healthy, happy children

A donation of $40 (2 x $20) is about the cost per day to bandage little booboos, keep tiny hands clean, detangle those frizzy bed-heads, and offer ibuprofen to an infant who is teething – ensuring our kids can eat, sleep, learn and play in the safe environment they need and deserve.

Hope for families to always feel right at home

A donation of $65 (2 x $32) is about the cost per day to upgrade that broken rocking chair, clean up that sly toddler’s “art” on the bedroom wall, and fix that leaky faucet – ensuring our house can meet every need for every child, and also providing comforting places for parents to share time together with their kids.

Hope for parents to get help – for any crisis, anytime, day or night

A donation of $100 (2 x $50) is about the cost per day to offer our 24/7/365 crisis care hotline – ensuring families will always be able to speak with a Family Advocate, especially when they have nowhere else to turn and need a safe refuge for their kids.

Hope for kids to keep their stride

A donation of $275 (2 x $137) is about the cost per day for our team to safely transport kids to their own schools, extracurricular activities, appointments, field trips and more, as well as provide education to preschoolers in our care – ensuring a sense of normalcy and letting school-age kids stay connected to their peers and mentors.


Your donation today directly supports the children and families of Isabel's House! Learn more about our 24/7/365 mission below, or click here to see more ways you can GO BLUE for kids during April, Child Abuse & Neglect Prevention Month!


Two matches added!

Hello and THANK YOU to each of our project supporters so far! We wanted to share that, thanks to your generosity, we've been able to add TWO generous $500 matching gifts into our project total. BUT, we've still got $7,500 in matching dollars on the table, and we will need every one of those dollars to provide vital care for our kids this year - health supplies, house repairs, our 24/7 crisis line, transportation and curriculum.

You've already done so much! Would you also take a moment to share about this campaign with someone else? Here's a link to our most recent story of HOPE that we've posted on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IsabelsHouse/posts/10155825017394215

Please let our community know that you've supported us and that we need more people to support our project. We're only here because of you. Thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts!


2 more matches added. Thank you!

Good morning and THANK YOU again to each person who has decided to support Isabel's House and provide day after day of 24/7 hope-giving free services to families in crisis in the Ozarks.

Because of your contributions, we've been able to add two more generous matches this morning totaling $2,000! This is the power of coming together to support a common cause. We sincerely hope you know how much your gifts are making a difference.

If you have never seen how your time and donations add up to amazing care for kids and support for families, we'd like to invite you to tour our House on Saturday, May 12th, between 9am and Noon. Here's a Facebook event link so you can add it to your calendar:

Finally, if you haven't already, please share that you have donated to Isabel's House today! There are $5,500 in matching dollars still on the table, and with your help, we can receive all of those pledges to invest in our programs. Our giving family keeps growing, thanks to you!


We're adding another match!

Wow! It's been an amazing afternoon, watching support pour in from so many different people and places who care about the work of Isabel's House to prevent child abuse & neglect and give families hope and strength. Thanks to you, we're able to add another $2,500 in matching dollars to our project. As that happens, we would like to share a few notes of gratitude with you...

From Kyra - a mother of two, who was able to find a safe home for her family faster because you gave her children a safe, positive place: "Thank you soooo much, from the bottom of my heart. I hope you guys continue to do this for others: it's really a positive thing for parents who are working to get things together. "

From Annalee, a single mom, who was struggling to make a plan to stay sober when life got stressful, until you gave her the support she needed to invest in herself and her home: "Thank you so much for caring for my child and thank you for working with me to get her back home to me."

And from Jenny, a mother you assisted to flee from a life of violence: "Thank you for everything... I'm so thankful for the opportunity you've provided to us... for keeping the kids while I found a safe situation for us. We will have a chance for a new start without someone who's abusive."

We protect the confidentiality of our families by changing names, but these are real parents' words of gratitude, hope and resilience, sent to our team and, ultimately, to each of you who keep the door open at Isabel's House.

There are still $3,000 in matching funds on the table, and we'll keep adding to our total until we reach 200% - or more! Every gift counts for our kids! Thank you for giving and sharing with others about Isabel's House.


Thank you!

Good evening! We wanted to take one more opportunity today to thank you for achieving important goals for our children and families through this special Month of Momentum project. Your contributions make a direct, immediate and meaningful impact. You change lives and our community for the better!

Right now, at the time of this update, we are just a little under $1,300 away from meeting our 2x goal and receiving all $8,500 matching dollars that have been pledged to Isabel's House for April. If you haven't shared this project with someone, will you do it tonight and ask them to join you in giving? Better yet, don't just invite someone to give... invite them to also come with you and see, touch and feel the impact of your gifts at our next open house, Saturday, May 12, 9am to Noon.

After all - this isn't just any house - it's YOUR house!


Final totals + addresses needed!

To every single person who propelled our Month of Momentum project forward this April and provided essential funding at Isabel's House for healthy kids, up-to-date spaces, 24/7 availability, and safe transportation: Thank You!! Our final giving total, including *ALL* of our matching pledges, is...


We cannot let this moment pass without expressing our gratitude and again recognizing each of our generous April Matching partners:

Kathy & Jeff Munzinger
David & Stacey O'Reilly
Tom & Jami Peebles
Shaw, Faulkner & Werner Financial Group
Arvest Foundation
Houlihan's South

A note for ANONYMOUS donors: Isabel's House has not been provided with full information about your gift. If you wish to remain completely anonymous, we understand! However, if you'd like to be part of any of our listed giving thank-yous - Annual Report recognition, special Butterflies, Family Visit room poster signing, or special Art Prints - we need you to supply information to our team so we can be in contact with you in the next few days. Would you send a quick email to Kory, Community Liaison, at koryw@isabelshouse.org or call him directly at 302.464.5679?

For Isabel's House to succeed, we schedule months and days and events where you can volunteer, donate, and invite others to learn about what we do. Your participation is life-changing! But, our parents know best: a crisis is never scheduled, and sometimes the unplanned moments are when your investments right now have the biggest impact. Thanks for being there for so many children and families in the Ozarks. We'll be in touch shortly about your giving thank-yous!


PS - we've got two great opportunities to get together and celebrate in May: Community Tour Day on May 12 and Isabel's House night at Hammons Field on May 18. More details at isabelshouse.org/events or on our Facebook page!


About Isabel's House (Crisis Nursery of the Ozarks Inc.)

Isabel’s House, where kids are loved and families are supported, operates 24/7/365 providing immediate refuge for children ages birth to 12 years whose families are in crisis. By partnering with families and the community, the team at Isabel’s House works to strengthen families and prevent child abuse and neglect – an ongoing “red-flag issue” in our area.

Since opening its doors in 2007, Isabel’s House has served over 4,500 children and 2,500 families. Today, with community-wide support for strong, healthy families, Isabel’s House remains uniquely positioned to care for children while offering parents and caregivers the help and hope needed to move beyond a crisis.

Isabel's House (Crisis Nursery of the Ozarks Inc.)


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