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Remember the school pride in how well a classmate could play a sport? Sing? Perform academically? Our art students have produced some amazing pieces.  They can inspire others, if only other students can see what work has been done.  Houston R-1 needs a place outside of the classroom to display middle and high school artwork.

A new display case would build school pride among students, parents, grandparents and the public.  It would inspire other students and lead to partnerships with local artists and community groups, leading to additional learning possibilities. 

The Education Foundation would like to thank Romines Motor Company and Landmark Bank for getting this project rolling by donating $2,000. We only need to raise $880 more to fully fund this project!

Houston Education Foundation (HEF) Profile

The Houston Education Foundation promotes education excellence and opportunity beyond the scope of the Houston R-1 school system by generating financial resources from private funds to provide support for educational programs.


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