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The pandemic derailed our ambitious plans to expand our education program. Help us get back on track.

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Pledge Incentives

$10.00 Level

42 Supporters

$10 pays covers printing costs of Visual Literacy workbooks for a class.

$25.00 Level

41 Supporters

$25 pays for popcorn for 30 kids on their field trip to our theater!

$50.00 Level

26 Supporters

$50 covers juice boxes for five different classes during their field trips.

$100.00 Level

29 Supporters

$100 covers staff costs for one Moxie Mornings, our free program for kids 2-6.

Project Overview

We believe that film opens the world. It gives us all the chance to see new places, hear new ideas, and feel new connections. This is what makes film such a powerful teaching tool. It is also one of the reasons that education has become central to the Moxie’s mission.

In the last few years, we expanded beyond free kids programming to begin offering “Visual Literacy” field trips for hundreds of third graders from Springfield Public Schools. These 90 minute in-theater classes help kids develop critical visual literacy skills by exploring a few basic filmmaking concepts.

Sadly, the pandemic forced our 159-day closure bringing our progress to a halt. Upon reopening, we voluntarily limited capacity to 25% for the safety of our community. All of this comes at a cost. In 2020, ticket and concession sales dropped 85%. Suffice to say, we have had to be resourceful just to keep the lights on, let alone films on our screens. But now, as we all begin to feel the pandemic’s end is near, we want to redouble our efforts to expand our impact. 

To do this, we need your help to raise $10,000 during Give Ozarks – Road to Recovery on March 24. Every dollar we raise will be invested in our education initiatives, to both build current programs and develop new ones that will extend our reach and impact.


Wow! Moxie doubles goal

Moxie Cinema raised $19,213 yesterday in 12 hours thanks to generous donors like you, nearly doubling our $10,000 target. This wave of support will allow us to instantly ramp up planning for a 6th grade Field Trip we've been dreaming about for more than a year. We'll also be able to continue our 3rd grade field trips for at least another year. Wanted to just give you a quick update and say thank you! Now I am off to help prepare the theater to host a 'virtual" field trip for some 3rd graders from Wilder Elementary.

Thanks again!
Mike Stevens
Ex. Director, Moxie Cinema


About Moxie Cinema

The Moxie is a premier non-profit independent movie theater, bringing the best in cinema to Springfield, Missouri since 2004.

We exist to enrich our community through film's power to engage, educate, and inspire. Yes, we show movies and sell tickets, but at our core, we exist to make our community a better place to live.

Open 7 days a week for 365 days of the year since Sept. 27, 2005. In that time, we have attracted 400,000+ people downtown to see more than 1,400 different movies. In 2019, we hosted 31,187 screenings of 128 different movies or collections of short films. 92% of those would otherwise never have screened in the Ozarks.

Over the past 10 years, the Moxie’s core offering has not changed. But our brand has. We started as a for-profit, local cinema. We were a scrappy, DIY, mom-and-pop, first run arthouse theater. We have grown into a mission and member-driven non-profit organization dedicated to bringing important, interesting and thoughtful films and events to town. Selling tickets is a means to achieving our mission and keeping our doors open, not our end goal – instead, we are focused on finding films and hosting events that ignite discussion and add value to the lives of our patrons.

We love film and believe in its power to transport viewers. It is a medium that thrusts us first-hand into someone else’s reality, giving us a tangible and emotional experience, whether positive, negative or neutral. Through film, we can expand our understanding of the world, and our place in it.

We see our role as that of curator, sorting through the mass of films across various genres to select those that will have the most impact and meaning to our audience. We know leisure time and money is finite so our goal is to show high-quality, insightful films that enrich our viewers. We want our patrons to leave the Moxie--whether they liked the film or not--feeling better for having the experience. It’s entertainment with substance.

But we do more than “show movies.” We use film to connect and enrich our community. We want to educate, advocate and inform about—and through--cinema. This translates into regular screenings of classic cinema with post-show discussions exploring the form. It also can be seen through our community partner screenings which use film as a jumping off point to explore and array of important issues through post show discussions.  Our ever-expanding kids programming educates (and entertains) through great animated shorts (Moxie Mornings); feature length classics (Moxie Flix); and actual classes with our Visual Literacy Experience Field Trips. And finally, we engage and promote local film talent through local screenings and kid workshops that explore the building blocks of visual storytelling.  


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