Help Launch the Empire Market!

The Joplin Empire Market is set to open on April 28 and we couldn't be more excited.

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Pledge Incentives

$5.00 Level

6 Supporters

Plant a seedling... Your gift of $5 or more will make an impact and help us grow. We need some green around our market and your donation will make it possible to fill our space with things that grow. Donors at this level will receive a special "thank you" shout-out on our social media pages, preserved for posterity on the 'net.

$25.00 Level

20 Supporters

Help us blow you away... Your donation puts us $25 closer to our goal and will enable us to provide the market halls with the cooling breezes of fans this summer. We'll also be able to invest in some outdoor sunshades to take the heat off our festival courtyard vendors! Donors who keep us cool this year will receive five Empire Market Fast Passes, that enable you to avoid the line at 10am and be one of the first in the door! Donors at this level will also receive: *a "thank you" shout-out on our social media pages

$100.00 Level

19 Supporters

You're gonna want to sit down for this... Your generous donation puts us $100 closer to our goal! Now we'll be able to deck out our halls and courtyard with new seating aplenty. Picnic tables, rocking chairs, etc...just imagine chilling out and enjoying a fine day at the Market, sipping on a locally roasted cold brew coffee. Delightful. Donors at this level will receive recognition on our pavilion gates with metal tags stamped with your choice of name or inscription (up to 25 letters). Donors will also receive: *a "thank you" shout-out on our social media pages * five Empire Market Fast Passes, that enable you to avoid the line at 10am and be one of the first in the door

$500.00 Level

4 Supporters

Brighter than the sun... Hey. Wow. You are amazing! And your generosity will be what helps us to upgrade our lighting in the market halls. The best in local produce, food, and artisan goods deserves crisp, clear light to show it off. We'll be installing energy efficient LED lighting throughout the facility if our goal is met. Donors at this level will be inducted into our Market Mogul program, which means invitations to certain special events held at the Empire Market during the next two years. Donors at this level will also receive: *a "thank you" shout-out on our social media pages * five Empire Market Fast Passes, that enable you to avoid the line at 10am and be one of the first in the door *recognition on our pavilion gates with metal tags stamped with your choice of name or inscription (up to 25 letters)

Project Overview

The Empire Market project will bring a new destination to Joplin and the surrounding region, a public market for locals and visitors alike to sample the best produce, artisan goods, live music, and gourmet food. Help us make this a reality!

We are set to open on April 28, 2018. If we raise our goal amount of $5250, we will be able to enhance the market experience from day one.

We have a fantastic initial group of vendors, and will be adding more as the year progresses.

Phase One of our endeavor will feature an indoor/outdoor public market, with upwards of 25 vendors. There will also be teaching gardens on campus this year we have a slate of programming planned to make market days even more entertaining and edifying.

What We Need:

We are all set to open on April 28, but donations collected here toward our goal will help us create a more comfortable market for vendors and guests alike. 

LED energy efficient lighting: help us brighten us our building with ropes of the lovely LED bulbs and rewiring our existing sodium (yellow light! yuck!) fixtures. We want you to see the beauty of every tomato.

Sound System: Can you hear me now? We need to invest in a quality sound system, so music can reach your hears. There's only so loud that we can yell.

Furniture: We want you to sit down and stay awhile. But that means comfy seating. Picnic tables, rocking chairs, maybe even some swings for our pavilion. All for your enjoyment.

Sunshades: It's going to get hot out there. Our festival courtyard could use a few snazzy sunshades to help our vendors and customers beat the summer heat. 

Garden Beds & Flowers: We're all about the green, and want to transform our concrete and brick into a verdant paradise. Raised beds, colorful flowers, herbal bushes, and more to delight the senses.

Recycling Containers & Trash Cans: It's not that we want to talk trash, but here we are. Being able to keep as much out of our landfills is important to us, but for that we need a system of bins for paper and plastic recycling, as well as containers for organic refuse (wonderful compost!).

Fans: We like to think we're pretty cool, but our market halls are going to get a bit steamy during our Missouri summers. A nice supply of fans will keep it breezy for all of us.

What You'll Get

Want to be first in line on market days? Or make sure you get invited to all the special events we have planned (farm to table dinners, anyone?)? Then check out the donation levels for details on our fun incentives.

Of course, you'll also have the knowledge that you're helping to help make this dream a reality. Be the change you want to see. Every little bit helps.

All donations are tax deductible, too!

Want to help out, but don't want to use your credit card? We can take checks, too! Just mail them to 931 E 4th Street, Joplin MO 64801.

Are you interested in a larger donation and naming rights to areas of the market? Get ahold of us at and we'll set up a meeting.

Have any other questions? Or just want to keep up with the market project (or Third Thursday & Wine Share)? Check out our website at


The Empire Market has Launched!

We just wanted to say a heartfelt "thank you" from all of us here at the Empire Market and Downtown Joplin Alliance. Thanks to your contribution in April, we were able to have a fabulous opening! The market is in it's second month now (10a-3p every Saturday) and we are trying to make it better every week. New produce is coming in, we're adding a few other vendors, and working on more amenities. Bids are currently being submitted for a sound system, so whether it's a live musician or a playlist, everyone can enjoy the tunes. Fans have been purchased (the Missouri summer may necessitate a few more), and we are arranging recycling options as we speak. Joplin Greenhouse came out and planted the first of our greenery out front and in the festival courtyard, and there will be more to follow. All of this is possible thanks to your generosity!
Be on the lookout soon for emails about the incentives that your reward tiers qualified you for. We're currently working with a local company on the etched metal tags, so we'll be asking for what you want on them soon. A big social media shoutout is in the works and the fast passes are being designed.
These are exciting times in Joplin. Thank you for being a part of it all!


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