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Did she stand behind you in line at CVS, in her pajamas, talking too loudly on the phone? Was she on the prayer list at church every week because her grandmother was worried sick about her? Did she get kicked out of her home for getting pregnant at 17? LovinGrace exists to help THAT girl.

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$15.00 Level

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$15 helps us buy a package of crib sheets for these precious babies to sleep on.

$30.00 Level

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$30 pays for one evening meal for momma and baby.

$100.00 Level

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$100 supports one girl at LovinGrace for one month.

$500.00 Level

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$500 will provide programming materials for the girls for 5 months!

Project Overview

Have you ever stood next to THAT GIRL at the post office?

Does she sit next to you at school?

Maybe she stood behind you in line at Walmart yesterday?

You've heard the people whisper. You've watched them roll their eyes at her.

We've all seen her. We have all had someone like her in our friend or family circle: a lost and broken teenager, under resourced and in need of a safe place to land. Perhaps she's a young woman with dreams to finish high school, but she got pregnant and her parents kicked her out. Maybe she is a young woman with a desire to be on her own, but she sleeps on her best friend's parents' couch and sometimes her car when they're tired of having her around. Or maybe she's the young lady who could go to college, but she's in foster care and is turning 18 in January. Her foster parents have told her to be out of the house by her birthday.

You've seen her. Maybe you've been her?

Her only clothes don't fit and her shoes are a pair of tattered house slippers. She says they're her favorite shoes and the most comfortable, but you know she is just embarrassed that she has nothing else to wear.

Where can a young woman like this go? Where can she find support, relationship and a clean, safe place to stay? Where can she find a home? You want to see her safely settled somewhere, but...

           you don't have the space...

                                             the time...

...the emotional energy to handle all the trauma and hurt she has endured.

But you're moved to do something...

Would you be relieved to know that right here in Southwest Missouri, there is such a place to care for that girl? LovinGrace has been open for 7 years serving that girl. We have been working, honing our practices, developing programming, learning how to best serve that girl. You can donate to LovinGrace to ensure that SHE has a place. She has a name that is known. A heart that is loved. Dreams that are heard and encouraged. SHE has a home.

LovinGrace is expanding in Summer of this year to serve pregnant and parenting homeless young women ages 17-24. Our new home will feature our same effective programming- including additional case-management, community resources, and programming for this specific need. The home will feature 8 suites housing mother and child together.

Partner with us today to ensure that THAT girl gets to experience the love and acceptance of LovinGrace!




Thank you so much for your support! What a way to start your day, giving to help THAT girl. We sure love THAT girl.

Thank you!

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This is the best Give Ozarks Day yet, thanks to you, our faithful supporters. You raised $2079.03! Thank you for supporting THAT Girl with your generous donations. At LovinGrace, we LOVE THAT Girl.


About LovinGrace

"Giving hope where it has been lost, opportunity for those who want it, community for the lonely, and acceptance for all."

 LovinGrace is a transitional housing facility for homeless young women, aged 17-24, that strives to move its residents from crisis to thriving through the implementation of programming and case management services designed to nurture personal empowerment and alleviate poverty through the identification and development of individualized self-sufficiency goals in the areas of education, employment stability, and access to services, financial matters, support systems, and resourcefulness. 

LovinGrace provides a safe home for vulnerable young women. We, through targeted case management, provide education, health, mental health, employment and spiritual growth opportunities. We teach life skills such as: healthy eating, cooking, meal planning, keeping an apartment or home, cleaning, budgeting, being part of a community, and interpersonal skills.

Our purpose is to help each young woman recognize the potential, inherently inside them, to become independent, healthy, connected individuals after working through our program.


Joplin, Missouri