Help Provide Powers Museum Gallery Repairs & Covid-19 Lost Income

Share your love of Carthage like Marian Powers Winchester shared her love of Carthage almost four decades ago when she left initial funds and artifacts to begin the Powers Museum. Help us replace lost income from Covid-19 closure and help provide funds to cover an unexpected repair in the main exhibit gallery.

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Pledge Incentives

$10.00 Level

2 Supporters

Your gift of $10 will replace lost income from a missed visitor's gift shop purchase of a Carthage or Route 66 souvenir. Income from the shop assists with our operating costs including insurance and security expenses that go on whether museum is open to receive visitors or not. Your donation will be acknowledged by the Museum as a "Give Carthage Day Donor" on our social media posts throughout September and you will receive emails on "socially distancing" or virtual events sponsored by the museum this fall and winter.

$25.00 Level

6 Supporters

Your donation of $25 replaces the average daily amount in the donation box from missed visitors and tourists. Your generosity gets the museum closer to our goal for raising funds to pay for exhibit gallery repairs. Your gift will be acknowledged by the Museum as a "Give Carthage Day Donor" on our social media posts in September and donors at this level will receive emails on virtual events sponsored by the museum this fall and winter along with receiving the Museum Friends 2020 end-of-year newsletter (via email or mail based on information supplied to museum by this campaign).

$50.00 Level

5 Supporters

Your donation of $50 will cover part of the loss of rental and event income that would have been received from three events that were cancelled due to Covid-19. Funds from such events and rentals help cover operating costs for routine maintenance of the museum and its grounds. Your gift will be acknowledged by the Museum as a "Give Carthage Day Donor" on our social media posts in September. In addition, donors at this level will be notified of virtual events sponsored by the museum later this year and will receive the Powers Museum Friends 2020 end-of-year newsletter (via email or mail based on information supplied to museum by this campaign) and the 2021 Spring Announcement focusing on activities to honor the Missouri Bicentennial.

$100.00 Level

3 Supporters

Your donation of $100 or more will help the museum in meeting its bill for the unexpected repair of the museum's west wall in the exhibit gallery damaged from overflow of water during a storm this spring. Your gift will be acknowledged by the Museum as a "Give Carthage Day Donor" on our social media posts in September AND your name will be added to our 2020 donor page on our website. Donors at this level also will receive emails on future virtual events sponsored by the museum, the Museum Friends 2020 end-of-year newsletter (via email or mail based on information supplied to museum by this campaign), and the 2021 Spring Announcement focusing on activities to honor the Missouri Bicentennial.

Project Overview

Probably the farthest thing from young Marian Louisa Powers' mind the day the above snapshot was taken at her home in Carthage (806 Grant Street*) was the thought that her doll umbrella and doll buggy would end up in a museum. They did though after Marian Powers Winchester passed away in 1981. After several years of estate processing, the Powers Museum opened to the public in June of 1988 thanks to the generosity of this little girl who grew up to honor her beloved town of Carthage, Missouri.

In 2020 Marian's doll umbrella, doll buggy and one of her well-loved Teddy Bears (also seen here) were to greet museum visitors in one of the first exhibit cases in the museum's gallery that was slated to host "Growing Up in Carthage: 1900-1980," an exhibit reflecting on childhood during the decades that coincided with Miss Powers' lifespan. This was meant to be a fun and light-hearted exhibit after successfully creating and hosting former exhibits focused on Carthage businesses for Carthage's sesquicentennial in 2017 and a two-year look at Carthage during World War I in honor of the war's centennial.

"Growing Up in Carthage" was progressing nicely under the supervision of our volunteer Exhibit Committee but by mid-March work had to stop with the Covid-19 shut down. Then in early April, almost half the exhibit had to be moved or taken down in order to clean-up water damage along the museum's west wall from a spring storm. Thank goodness no artifacts were seriously damaged! The estimate for work needed to repair and repaint wall surfaces, replace ceiling tiles and perform other related repairs came in at just under $2,000. It was an unexpected expense.

In an abundance of caution, in late April the Powers Museum Board voted not to open for the 2020 season. Completion of the repair project has been delayed due to availability of workers. But in order to acknowledge the efforts of the Exhibit Committee as well as the generosity of local individuals who had loaned artifacts for the exhibit, the museum plans to present portions of the completed exhibit virtually this fall. 

Please help the museum meet our expenses as outlined in our project summary and donor incentives. The museum needs the support of the Carthage community on this Give Carthage Day so that other little girls and boys who grow up here (and adults, too) can enjoy Marian Louisa Powers Winchester's gift and the gifts of many other generous donors and foundations who have supported the museum with their work and financial support these past 32 years. Thank you for your consideration. 

* Marian Louisa Powers lived at these locations in Carthage: 806 S. Grant (pictured here), 208 W. Macon, and 314 Euclid Boulevard.


Powers Museum Give Carthage Day

Dear Powers Museum Friends and Donors,
The Powers Museum Board thanks you most heartily for your recent donation to the museum through this year's Give Carthage Day campaign. The amount raised will be enough to cover our remaining repair expenses for our spring storm damage to the exhibit gallery. We are grateful for your generosity.
If you did not save your Give Carthage/Cause Momentum confirmation of gift email for tax purposes and need us to send you one specifically from the museum, please email, and we will be glad to send another donation acknowledgement.
Also, as given on our project outline, we want to acknowledge you on our museum FB page this month. HOWEVER, if anyone would prefer not to be mentioned, just let us know by email by the end of this week. We had several anonymous donors and if you don't want your name mentioned, we will add you to the total count of those anonymous gifts.
Again, thank you for your support to the Powers Museum and to Give Carthage Day. The event was a great success for all the organizations participating and the Powers Museum appreciates the efforts of the Carthage Community Foundation and its 2020 event sponsors on behalf of all of the organizations!
Michele Hansford, 2020 Give Carthage Day Chair, Powers Museum


About Powers Museum, Inc.

Marian Powers Winchester (1905-1981) loved Carthage so much that it was her dream for her hometown to have its own community museum. When she died, her bequest established what is now the Powers Museum. Not only was it her vision for the museum to preserve and exhibit selected family possessions of historic and artistic interest, but also to perserve and display similar materials donated to the museum or featured in traveling exhibits in order to tell the story of this historic town. In 32 years of operation the museum has showcased over sixty original exhibits and hundreds of free programs ranging from lectures, hands-on workshops, craft demonstrations, and social media presentations. Powers Museum has also sponsored or participated in many larger community events such traveling Chautauquas, ragtime and acoustic music festivals, Carthage Art Walks, and Maple Leaf Festival. In 2018-19 with assistance of the Missouri Humanities Council, the museum created its second major digital project featuring selected Carthage historic sites posted to website. (Our first digital project was a cooperative effort between several area museums and archives entitled "Riches from the Earth: Jasper County Geological History" which is hosted on the state's Missouri Digital Heritage website.)

The museum's name honors of the parents of Marian Winchester, Dr. Everett Powers (1869-1954) and Marian Wright Powers (1880-1969), who were active citizens of Carthage during the first half of the twentieth century. Although currently closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic and to repair spring storm damage to the exhibit gallery, the museum features changing exhibits, a small reference library for history researchers and a gift shop selling Carthage souvenirs, books, and Route 66 memorabilia. The museum relies on its volunteer board of trustees (7) and other volunteers and friends to carry out its work. Please support the museum so that it can continue carrying out its mission for another generation of Carthaginians. Funds collected through the 2020 Give Carthage campaign will be used to offset some of the lost income from cancelled events (due to the health crisis) and offset some of the admission donations that would normally be contributed by visitors. Proceeds will also be used to assist with the exhibit gallery repair project that is still in progress. 

Powers Museum, Inc., is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. 





Powers Museum, Inc.

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