Protect buildings, neighborhoods, and landscapes Restore and rehabilitate our heritage Engage our children with their history Strengthen the visual appeal of Carthage Educate citizens about historic preservation Respect our forebearers Value the history and heritage of Carthage Encourage community and civic involvement

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$10.00 Level

28 Supporters

Your gift of $10 or more will make an impact. Every donation shows support for historic preservation in Carthage.

$25.00 Level

9 Supporters

Your gift helps us with the ongoing preservation of Phelps House. Built in 1895, the Phelps House showcases exquisite and irreplaceable workmanship in the original hand-carved woodwork and hand-painted wallpaper.

$50.00 Level

6 Supporters

Your generous gift helps us with ongoing restoration efforts at the Phelps House. The recent winter storms have brought some damage to this 125-year-old home! We need a few repairs to continue offering the venue as a historic place in Carthage to make memories.

$100.00 Level

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Your wonderful gift encourages us to continue to advocate at the local, state, and national levels for the historic preservation of Carthage’s rich architectural inheritance of residential and business structures. Thank you!

Project Overview


The mission of Carthage Historic Preservation is to advocate for historic preservation at the local, state, and national levels, to demonstrate period-appropriate historic preservation techniques, and to educate our community about the economic, ecological, and cultural benefits of historic preservation.

Funds raised in 2021 will further the mission at Carthage Historic Preservation and include repairs and maintenance at the Historic Phelps House



Thank you!

To our wonderful CHP supporters,

Thank you so much for your donation during Give Carthage Day! Your gift will help with repairs to and preservation of the Phelps House. CHP looks forward to continuing its mission to advocate for historic preservation in this great community that we call home.

Betsy Flanigan
CHP Board President


About Carthage Historic Preservation

Carthage Historic Preservation (CHP) is a community-based organization dedicated to education about and advocacy for historic preservation in Carthage, Missouri.  It is also committed to reminding the community of the economic development implicit in heritage tourism such as that drawn by its historic neighborhoods, the Route 66 corridor, and its Civil War sites. CHP owns the historic 1895 Phelps House and the Sweet House, believed to be the oldest house in Carthage.  The Sweet House is serving as a demonstration site for historically-appropriate techniques and technologies for preserving and restoring historic structures.

Carthage Historic Preservation

Carthage, MO