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Project Overview


Our Goal for GiveOzarks: To add $7,500 to our Operating Endowment, which will continue to build our financial stability and support staff in working with landowners to put more Ozarks land under permanent protection.

Ozark Land Trust  has protected over 30,000 acres over its 36-year history, and our goal is to protect even more beautiful Ozark lands.

The last year, however, demonstrated that crises can affect us all, no matter where we live. Our Ozarks region suffered the economic impacts of the pandemic in a serious and damaging way. OLT is working to build its Operating Endowment so that we can sustain our role in protecting Ozark lands even when crises like a panedemic affect our region.

We all learned during this time how important the outdoors is to our well being. Whether by hiking in nature areas, paddling on the river, or just walking in the neighborhood, many of us saw a direct tie between our emotional and physical health and enjoying the outdoors. 

By supporting our Operating Endowment, you support our ability to work with landowners to protect even more of our natural Ozarks beauty. OLT is a nationally accredited land trust, so that when you support our work you are supporting a nonprofit that has gone through rigorous best practices review by a national accreditation organizaation. Only about a quarter of land trusts across the US have attained this recognition.

Your gift on GiveOzarks Day will go to our Operating Endowment and will give our organization and our staff the ability to weather difficult circumstances in the future. By having additional endowed funds, we will not be as dependent on the annual ebbs and flows of the current economy, and can continue to reach out to those landowners who want to voluntarily and permanently protect  their lands as an important part of the Ozarks story.



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About Ozark Land Trust

Why donate to Ozark Land Trust?

OLT helps landowners preserve the nature, history, and heritage of the Ozarks forever.

Ozark Regional Land Trust helps landowners protect the land, water, and the unique character of the Ozark region through voluntary, cooperative conservation programs. For over 35 years, this non-profit land trust has helped landowners permanently conserve and protect their lands – and invest together in a future with productive soils, clean water and clear air.

To date, over 100 properties and 30,000+ acres are protected across the Ozarks of Missouri and Arkansas, including

  • Working farms and forests

  • Beautiful Ozark views

  • Large tracts of oak-hickory and oak-pine forests and woodlands

  • Miles of Ozark streams

  • Fragile habitats, caves, springs, glades, and remnant prairies 

Please help protect and conserve the Ozarks and triple your donation through today’s challenge match.

How to Support Ozark Land Trust

There are many ways to support OLT:

Through a gift to our annual campaign by donating at

By a legacy or endowment gift

Through GiveOzarks Day every year, through the generour partnership with Community Foundation of the Ozarks, and to CFO on OLT's behalf, any time of the year!

A gift to ORLT leaves a lasting legacy for our children and our children’s children. Thank you!

Ozark Land Trust

Columbia, Missouri