Pure Water ... Brick by Brick

During the drought last summer, our community focused on water...until it rained. At the Watershed Committee of the Ozarks, we focus on a clean, sustainable water supply every day, and we still need your help.

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Pledge Incentives

$1.00 Level

6 Supporters

Your gift of $1 or more will make an impact. Every donation of any size increases our project's momentum and takes us closer to sustained clean water.

$18.00 Level

9 Supporters

It costs us about $18.00 to take a water sample, and we take a lot of them to find out things like what are the sources of pollution in the watershed, where groundwater (which might be polluted) is traveling, or how much bacteria is coming out of local springs.

$40.00 Level

7 Supporters

For about $40.00, we can assemble a "water-savers kit" to supply people with the weapons they need to combat water waste, like low-flow shower heads, sink aerators, shower timers, and more. Get excited--these simple things can conserve thousands of gallons a year!

$200.00 Level

21 Supporters

Help us fund a Watershed Center Field trip for local kids, and have your name or message eternally included in the walkway of the C. W. Titus Education Facility. And not on any old brick--on a pavestone that demonstrates an aquifer-recharging permeable paving system!

$500.00 Level

2 Supporters

At this level, you can have three bricks--all together--on our beautiful walkway. One for another family member or business perhaps? Or maybe a favorite quote...

$700.00 Level

1 Supporter

At this level, you can have three bricks together and add a company or organizational logo to a brick.

$1,000.00 Level

1 Supporter

We can offer all the wonderful incentives above: a group of three bricks, a logo, PLUS, one free rental of the C.W. Titus Education Facility or Lakeside Pavilion. Think birthday party or staff retreat...

Project Overview

Want to support water sampling, sponsor a child to attend a Watershed Center field trip so their education impacts our community, or have your name or message engraved on our walkway?  You can do all of these by being a part of this campaign.

This impacts all of us.

We all need water every day, but how often do we think about it?  Our health, our environment  and our local economy are all dependent on water--clean water.

This project funds several activities.

Water samples: We track groundwater flow, sources of pollutants and educate your fellow citizens about what it takes to keep our water clean.

Water Saver Kits: We give these kits to anyone who agrees to take the equipment home and use it. Maybe you know someone who needs a kit for that extra nudge to conserve water. If so, please tell us.

Watershed Center Field Trips: These are awesome. If you have not yet attended one of our trips or tours, be sure to get in touch with us to make arrangements. These trips offer a tremendous amount of education to kids and adults alike. I would venture to bet that every person who has attended one of these, wastes less water and takes greater effort to avoid depositing pollutants in our watershed. 

We spend the money wisely, and multiply your donation.

The Watershed Committee is now 29 years old, and a proven steward of local water and local resources. Your donation will be appreciated and multiplied through our experience, fund leveraging, and dedication. 

Here’s how it benefits us.

Your donation offers us financial resources to continue our work of source water protection and education, and allows us to pyhsically show community support on our entrance walkway.

About the Watershed Committee of the Ozarks

Our history. Thirty years ago, the Watershed Task Force was assembled out of concern for the  drinking water supply.  The group foresaw the community’s growth would threaten the very water it depended on if a thoughtful, balanced approach was not taken.  One of the recommendations of the task force was to form a group—the Watershed Committee of the Ozarks—to protect our drinking water resources.  Twenty-nine years later, the WCO has proven to be one of our community’s best ideas. The same stressors to our water supply that were present then are present now, and the mission of the WCO remains vital, relevant, and important.  The  powerful three-way sponsor agreement between the City, the County, and City Utilities still accomplishes valuable funding leverage, cooperation, and efficiency.

Our sponsors.  City Utilities, Greene County, and the City of Springfield have sponsored the Watershed Committee since 1984.  The three way agreement is an effective fund leveraging tool, and provides operational support for the WCO.  The operational support enables the WCO to further leverage funds by creating partnerships, writing grants, and seeking private support which results on a huge return on investment for the sponsors and for the citizens of the community. 

Our purpose is our mission: to sustain and improve the water resources of Springfield and Greene County through education and effective management of the region’s watersheds.


What if we don't reach our goal?

We're coming down to the wire on the Watershed Brick-by-Brick campaign!
Even if we do not reach our goal, your pledge may be credited back to you in your Cause Momentum account. This means you can still help as you intended. If you did not select the "give anyway" option when making your pledge you will have a balance at the close of our project. We will be kicking off another project that you can pledge to, or you can pledge directly to the Watershed Committee on our agency profile page. If you have any questions, please reach out to us.

Remember, a "share" is as good as a gift! Thank you for your support.


Mike Kromrey
Executive Director
Watershed Committee of the Ozarks

We did it!

Dear Watershed Supporters,

We reached our goal for the "pure water, brick by brick" Cause Momentum campaign! Every single contribution was critical to tipping the balance, and I cannot thank you enough for your support. Our project was the most successful project of Cause momentum to date--we set a new high water mark! Aside from our project's success, I think we are all fortunate to have a Community Foundation that facilitates charitable giving for many different community needs through a variety of outlets, including Cause Momentum.

We will be good stewards of your gift, and your water.

If you selected a giving level that includes an engraved brick and don't have the "grid" to fill in your message, there is a PDF on the homepage of our website: http://watershedcommittee.org/

You can also just email the message if you remember this little formula--3 lines, 18 characters per line, spaces included as a character.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to call me at 417.866.1127 or mike@watershedcommittee.org


Mike Kromrey


About Watershed Committee of the Ozarks


Watershed Committee of the Ozarks is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 whose mission is to sustain and improve the water resources of Springfield and Greene County through education and effective management of the region’s watersheds


The Watershed Committee of the Ozarks is dedicated to improving and preserving Springfield and Greene County water supplies for future generations. The Watershed Committee participates in Water Sampling and Testing, Water Quality Monitoring Education, Education and Outreach and created the Watershed Center at Valley Water Mill Park.

History of the Watershed Committee

In 1983, the Chair of the Board of Public Utilities, N. L. "Mac" McCartney, sent a memo to Springfield Mayor Harry Strawn. The memo began: "With your concurrence, I have appointed an ad hoc task force to develop a program for the protection of surface and subsurface watersheds which supply Springfield and the surrounding area with drinking water." It was a prophetic statement and a visionary approach. Development was encroaching into the drinking watersheds and officials worried about whether public policies and programs would effectively protect our precious drinking water supplies. After 36 years, the mission of WCO remains relavent and vital to the community. 

Watershed Committee of the Ozarks


Springfield, MO
(417) 866-1127