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Help out The Railroad Historical Museum, Inc. expand its exhibition space by funding the construction of a replica train depot in which to house its historical artifacts and paraphernalia.

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Project Overview

Many depot plans were donated to the Greene County Library by Mr. Louis Greiesemer. This depot, approximately 34 ft. X 18 ft. plus the iconic bay window, closely resembles many of the extinct depots in the Greene County MO area, especially the Fordland, Turner Station, Strafford, Billings, Ash Grove, Republic and other small depots across the entire U.S.
Largest contributor to date is Musgrave Foundation, which is renowned for funding underprivileged individuals. Our museum has special free openings for these groups plus the Saturday 2 p.m. - 4 p.m. free openings.
The drawings have been reproduced & upgraded free of charge by the Hood-Rich architecture firm, approved by the Greene County Park Board, submitted to bidders and project is shovel ready. NO tax money is available nor involved in constructing this depot.
The Railroad Historical Museum Inc. is dedicated to the preservation of Railroad History and heritage of the past and     educating present and coming generations.”
The museum receives many donations of artifacts from families that have ancestors who were railroad employees. We are out of space and we are forced to reduce the donations of these type artifacts due to lack of space. For some artifacts, it is the end of the line if we are unable to accept.
The need is great for space to house incoming future donations of historical artifacts, etc.  As our aging RR retirees pass on, the need to address their concerns related to safely retaining and displaying their family heirlooms artifacts, etc. becomes of grave concern. Our museum rarely purchases items to display and take only donations or on loan items.
A sad need for a few of our visitors is fact they need adult supervision. Respect for authority is something even some of the adults lack. All rules of the Park Board apply with zero tolerances.
Our location is in Zone 1 which currently is getting much attention concerning the needs for improving the livfestyle of the inhabitants. The museum is a source of help & free entertainment for this and many other groups, rich & poor.
Our facilities are air conditioned but without heat. The depot will have have both heating & air conditioning, permitting our business meetings to take place, and lengthen months in year we are open to the public. Maybe wi-fi is in the future?


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