Reva Arnold Food Pantry in Poplar Bluff

We only have enough funds left to feed the clients we now have for one month. We need your help to continue to December when we receive our next checks of support or we will close until then.

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Project Overview

Reva Arnold Food Pantry was started in 2001 by Holy Cross Church in Poplar Bluff. We serve those in need directly around our church. This year so far we have served 805 families, a total of 1956 people, 583 of these are children, and 77 of those are veterans.  We need help so we don't have to close next month due to lack of funding. We appreciate your help.


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About Holy Cross Episcopal Jubilee Ministry

Reva Arnold Food Pantry

The Holy Cross Food Pantry was established in January 2001, by Reva Arnold, to help provide food to needy families in our community. Originally the parishioners alone supported the pantry, but additional funds are now being received from the Diocesan Task Force for the Hungry and The Church of St. Michael and St. George in St. Louis, enabling the pantry to serve more of those who fall "between the cracks" of other support systems. The pantry also receives donations of canned goods from a food drive sponsored by the Boy Scout troop meeting at the church and from the Black Belt Academy of Poplar Bluff, whose owner, a parishioner, gives extra lessons in exchange for donations to the pantry. Referrals to the pantry are received by word of mouth, the local Family Services Agency, United Gospel Rescue Mission and other non-profit organizations. In 2009, the Vestry renamed the pantry to honor the memory of its founder.

Downtown Churches

Worship Mob, Advent Walk, Lenten Series are just a few of the worship and fellowship opportunities we participate in together. The Downtown Churches is made up of the following churches; Holy Cross Episcopal, St. Andrew ELCA, Brown Chapel AME, First Presbyterian and First United Methodist Church.

Vacation Bible School

Every year we run a VBS for the children of the community. This is a partnership between Holy Cross and St. Andrew ELCA. We have anywhere from 12-20 youth directing, attending, and planning for the VBS. This past year we did S. P. Y. Parables and included some service projects in the community. We believe this helped to strengthen our program and the ministries of outreach we have with the Poplar Bluff community.

Life Leadership

Prison ministry with the woman at Vandellia Prison. We help find why we make the decisions we make and help to break the cycle of returning to prison.


Holy Cross Episcopal Jubilee Ministry

Poplar Bluff, Missouri