The Need

Today’s kids spend less time playing outside than any previous generation.

This play deficit is having profound consequences for kids physically, socially and cognitively. Children need a place to play every day in order to be active and healthy.

We believe children deserve a chance to play independently with their peers. Inclusive play brings children of varying abilities together, fostering acceptance and friendships. One in ten children have some sort of disability including physical, cognitive, learning, visual, and hearing. Our design has various spaces that are fun for all children, and also can help special-needs children advance in areas that require additional attention and provide therapy through play.

The Solution

Let's build a playground!

About the Playground

We have chosen to work with AB Creative, a design firm that specializes in custom-design community-built projects. We feel the Berliner play equipment is the best for the children’s wellness, imagination and interaction with each other.
A few highlights about Berliner
• 1st in the world to develop rope play and spatial nets.
• Worlds largest, most experienced, rope play manufacturer.
• 19 international patents.
• Exceeds ADA requirements with ground level access but no prescribed entry points.
• Only Berliner’s patented cloverleaf rings ensure field replacement of single rope sections in spatial nets.
For more info about Berliner: or

About Outdoor Musical Instruments with Freenotes

Musical expression is accessible to everyone regardless of musical training. Any grouping of these real musical instruments plays together in perfect harmony, making them fun and engaging for novice or expert alike.
Freenotes outdoor musical instruments are easily played by people regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, mobility, visual, auditory or mental ability.
Music will always be a gathering force that builds community.

The Location

The playground will be located in Reeds Spring at the Reeds Spring Regional Community Center property behind City Hall.
The WPA structure, built in 1936, served as the Reeds Spring school for many years.
The structure and surrounding property has been acquired by the City of Reeds Spring, and its location and historical character makes it an asset with potential to serve the surrounding area as a Regional Community Center.
The restored building will enable private and public events, fitness room, a youth sports program, a children’s library, WiFi media room, and can be reserved in advance for family events, club activities, concerts, etc.
Being one of the oldest and best preserved historical structures in Reeds Spring, it is a source of pride in our community.
Numerous events such as Reeds Spring Cajun Days, Rock House Music Festival, Heritage Day are held annually on the property along with Soccer practice.

With the addition of our new and unique custom playground feature, we believe it will attract additional visitors from throughout the area and provide a wonderful place for children to play and meet other children.

Reeds Spring Park Fund Profile

City parks and open spaces improve our physical psychological health and strengthen our community. It makes our city and neighborhood a more attractive place to live and work.


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Pledge Incentives

Reeds Spring Park Fund

Reeds Spring Park Fund is dedicated to improve and strengthen our community.

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