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With the celebration of Earth Day in late April, the planting of flowers and trees native to our area help to beautify our local park.  As our local park project comes to a close, grants for our project have expired.  The Lockwood Funding Team in collaboration with the Grace the Earth Organization would like to place signage at the Southwest corner of the South Park to recognize groups and organizations that helped create outdoor classrooms, rain gardens, flower gardens, reading areas and tree identification stations that will be used by students in the Lockwood R-I School District.  The Lockwood Funding Team, consists of stakeholders from the Lockwood community whose vision is to grow endowment funds for district and community projects.  Projects mayinclude school projects, park projects, place based education, or various other civic endeavors. 

Lockwood Public Schools Foundation Profile

The Lockwood funding Team consists of school and community leaders whose mission is to grow, sustain, and manage the cureent endowment funds of the Lockwood community foundation for the benefit of the Lockwood school and community through use of promotion strategies and engagement of stakeholders.

Our goal is to raise funds through a collaborative process of teachers, community members, school administrators and outside donors to make possible, the purchase of equipment or to fund events beneficial to staff and students of the Lockwood R-I School District.


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