Springfield Little Theatre Rallies for Recovery

For the LOVE of The Landers and the JOY of The Judy, and because #TheShowMustGoOn, show your support for Springfield Little Theatre by making a donation this #GiveOzarks Day! Together, we will Rally for Recovery and never cease to dare to dream! #YourCommunityTheatre #YourLegacyTheatre

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Pledge Incentives

$10.00 Level

119 Supporters

Your supportive gift of $10 or more will make an IMPACT for #YourCommunityTheatre! Every donation of any size increases the momentum of our #RallyForRecovery and takes us closer to our goal. Please consider sharing our effort on your social media channels and return to this page to check our progress as we near our #GiveOzarks deadline!

$40.00 Level

82 Supporters

Your generous donation of $40 will provide batteries for one weekend of top-notch performances at the Landers Theatre or a full tuition scholarship for a young child to discover their love for creative play in our School’s Out Workshop! Thank you for supporting #YourLegacyTheatre!

$150.00 Level

26 Supporters

#DareToDream! Your loving gift of $150 will provide a fanciful costume for one character appearing in a stunning Springfield Little Theatre mainstage production or the required footwear for a promising dance student who doesn’t have the means to purchase it.

$300.00 Level

12 Supporters

#TheShowMustGoOn! Your generous contribution of $300 will provide a lamp for one stage light on our historic mainstage-- the Landers has 200 stage lights and they must be replaced every 200 hours—or support a semester scholarship for a teen to find their tribe in SLT’s youth performance troupe program!

Project Overview

Springfield Little Theatre is VITAL to the SOUL of our community!  In a typical year, ticket sales cover just 44% of SLT's expenses, and this, as you know, has been anything but a typical year.  With the necessary cancellation of fundraising events and a decrease in show revenue of more than $700,000, SLT has never faced a shortfall of the current magnitude.  Nor have we been presented with such a THRILLING opportunity as it is to not only house an Academy of Fine and Performing Arts, but also to provide daily theatre and dance instruction to its 50 lucky 5th graders!  Our talented staff and committed board members have never worked harder with less to work with, and, at the same time, we have never appreciated so much what it is that we have built together.  We have faced hard truths about what it is to be “essential,” and we have owned our obligation to keep creating.  We know that the art we make and the educational experiences we provide not only inspire us, but also provide a much-needed outlet to escape and to help others realize their full potential.  Thus, the need for your support has never been greater.  For #TheLoveOfTheLanders and #TheJoyOfTheJudy, and because #TheShowMustGoOn, SHOW your support for #SpringfieldLittleTheatre this #GiveOzarks Day!

Simply put, no money, no mission!  Please give today, so that we can fulfil our mission to ENTERTAIN, EDUCATE, and INVOLVE our community in the joy of live theatre, and ensure the preservation of our historic facilities during this crisis and beyond.

Theatre is about human CONNECTION, a once in a lifetime exchange between actor and audience.  The absence of that connection is part of what has made the COVID-19 pandemic so very challenging for many of our artists and volunteers, because it has deprived that exchange which inspires our work and stirs our beings.  With depression and disconnection in our community increasing, now, more than ever, YOU are needed to help bridge the gap between hopelessness and BELONGING, between aimlessness and PURPOSE.  In a time where nothing is certain, we are counting on you to make a gift this #GiveOzarks to ensure the continuity of SLT programming that offers a creative and recreational home, if not a LIFELINE, for hundreds of students and volunteers each season.

The arts are an essential part of a complete education, no matter if the learning happens in the home, school, or community.  Students of all ages benefit from artistic activities, innovative thinking, creativity, teamwork, accountability, and pride in accomplishment.  A gift to Springfield Little Theatre through #GiveOzarks is a way to recognize this IMPACT; make a meaningful investment in the life of a child; strengthen your community’s future workforce; and contribute to the perpetuation of the arts and arts education.

The historic buildings that house our operations are truly each an IRREPLACEABLE part of the character of our city.  The Landers Theatre and The Judith Enyeart Reynolds School of the Performing Arts (formerly The McDaniel School) represent both the diversity of experiences and the history we share.  These beautiful buildings that hold the stories of so much of our past, immeasurably enrich our lives today while inspiring countless tomorrows.  Your #GiveOzarks donation will keep the lights on and the heat running.  (Did we mention that we had to replace our boiler at the Landers this year?  That was a $40,000 surprise!)

You may have experienced first-hand the desire for quality entertainment during your sheltering-at-home.  (More Netflix, anyone?)   At Springfield Little Theatre, we are passionate about providing remarkable experiences for our audiences young and old, and we so look forward to offering our signature, over-the-top, large-scale, mega-spectacular musical theatre productions to full houses when it’s safe to do so again.  Your donation NOW will help us maintain the staff that will orchestrate the MAGIC!

We are in immediate need of replacing the following at the Landers:

Stairway treads--$2,500

Star curtain--$18,000


We are currently seeking funding for the following at The Judy: 

A cyclorama--$3,500

Twelve wireless body microphone chords--$3,600

Two spotlights--$5,000 each

Dance mirrors for the auditorium--$6,500

A marley dance floor for our large studio--$7,500 

Accessibility upgrades--$750,000

For a non-profit, the “extras” are rarely in the budget.  But, still, we DARE to DREAM... and we may even be so bold to say that our dreams are, in fact, “essential” to the vitality of our organization and the people who are a part of it.  If you would like to make a larger gift to The Landers Theatre, please contact SLT Executive Director Beth Domann at 417-869-3869 x112.  If you would like to make a dream come true for The Judith Enyeart Reynolds School of the Performing Arts for Springfield Little Theatre, please contact SLT Education Director Lorianne Dunn at 417-413-2287 x110.

We are so proud to be a part of the community we serve and are so grateful for the opportunity to #GiveOzarks!  Together, we will #RallyForRecovery and never cease to #DareToDream.


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About Springfield Little Theatre

Springfield Little Theatre (SLT) is a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization, energized by the highest artistic ideals, that strives to entertain, educate, and involve the community in live theatrical presentations and in the preservation of the historic Landers Theatre (1909) and McDaniel School (1908). 

One of the top community theatres in the country, SLT presents 100 professional quality performances a season including large scale musicals, dramatic and comedic plays, family friendly productions, and discounted and free presentations to the underserved at the beautiful Landers Theatre.

Nationally recognized, the SLT Education Program at The Judith Enyeart Reynolds School of the Performing Arts (The Judy) provides unparalleled theatrical, social, and educational experiences to thousands each season, nurturing every level of performer--from very young children exploring creative play, to students of all ages seeking a fun introductory experience, to adult learners, to pre-professional youth and college level interns aspiring for a career in performance, technical theatre, or administration.  Students learn the values of accountability, discipline, teamwork, kindness, hard work and play—attributes that will serve them in any of their future endeavors.  Graduates emerge as confident, creative, and caring community leaders, excelling in multi-facets of business, education, and the arts.  Participation encourages community involvement and provides bountiful opportunities for volunteer service.     



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