Help keep Stone's Throw alive!

Help us replenish our emergency funds to help us survive the pandemic! We have drawn nearly $15,000 from our reserve funds, which are quickly dwindling. Help us make sure we can return to the stage to continue this great Carthage tradition.

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Project Overview

The stage at Stone's Throw has been bare since January 9, 2020. The coronavirus has prevented us from presenting any plays since that time. Though we have been as frugal as possible during that time, we still have had to dip into reserve funds to simply keep the lights on and keep up with other monthly expenses without generating any revenue.

In order to cover these expenses, it has been necessary to draw from reserve funds. So, far we have had to to do to the tune of nearly $15,000. Those funds are quickly disappearing.

We have plans underway to continue with plays but only time will tell how long we will be able to do so, if at all, before another halt to productions might become necessary.

It is our hope through this Give Carthage Day campaign that we can replenish the emergency funds lost so that if we face another long period of time without income that Stone's Throw Dinner Theatre will be able to make through until everything can get back to normal.

Many of you have generously given to several of our improvement projects in the past. And for that we will be forever grateful. But, with this campaign we are asking your help with sustaining the area's only Dinner Theatre, a dinner theatre that has served this community with quality entertainment and enjoyment for the entire family for over 90 years, at a time when we are struggling to be self-sustaining.

With your help, we can be assured that when this Covid-19 crisis is behind us we can continue to be here to serve you. This Give Carthage Day campaign is more than a request for projects support as in the past. This campaign is a request to help keep Stone's Throw Dinner Theatre alive and well.

Please, donate as much as you possibly can to show your love and support of Stone's Throw Dinner Theatre. Believe us when we say that any amount, large or small, will be accepted with love and appreciation.


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About Stone's Throw Dinner Theatre

Theater History

In 1928, the Carthage Music Club, formed by Mrs. Harry Spradling, performied musical shows in schools, churches, and other locations.

In the late 1970s, as part of the Missouri Federation of Music Clubs, Carthage Music and Theatre Club was formed to broaden the scope of the Club's productions to include theatrical performances. Once again, productions were held in schools, churches, and other locations.

On September 11, 1984, Carthage Music and Theatre Club incorporated as Community Theatre for Southwest Missouri, Inc. d/b/a Stone's Throw Dinner Theatre. On May 9, 1988, Dr. Foster and Hilda Whitten donated the land on which the current theatre stands. The Theatre sponsored "A Night on Broadway '88" on September 10, 1988, raising $11,000 toward construction of the theatre building.

The Theatre is now a volunteer run, not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting, facilitating, and supporting the performing arts in Southwest Missouri and the Four-States Area.

With the help of donors, both individual and corporate, renovations and major improvements to the lobby and parking lot were completed a couple of years ago. Fundraising continues for future improvement projects.



Stone's Throw Dinner Theatre

Carthage, MO