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You've likely seen them as you walk around downtown or in various other locations in Springfield, the colorful painted storm drains with a message.

Where do the storm drains lead? Why to the river of course. This however is not common knowledge. When asked, many assume the storm water goes to the wastewater treatment plant and gets cleaned. This is false and once you realize that it leads directly to our streams, you start noticing and wanting to protect the water that goes down that storm drain. It is important that as many people as possible understand this. Anything that goes down the storm drain whether it's oil, soapy water, trash, or cigarette butts has a direct path to the closest river or stream. This is powerful knowledge when it comes to protecting our rivers.

Storm Drain Reveal started 3 years ago by James River Basin Partnership and the City of Springfield when looking for a way to make the connection between the storm drains and the rivers clearer to the public. This popular project has been seen by tens of thousands of people and has made a big impact on the way our community views our storm drains. In fact, it’s not only touched our community but this project has now spread all over the country.

The funding we have used over the last 3 years is no longer available at the same level but we would like to keep the momentum of this project going at least one more year. Will you help us spread the word of clean rivers through this powerful public art project one more year?

Art submissions are accepted from the entire community then the top 10 are chosen by a committee. The artist is given the paint but they supply the time. What a gift these folks bring every year to our community and our rivers and we are deeply grateful.

Help us make this year a success, give the community the gift of public art, give the artists a unique opportunity, and give the rivers the protectin they need by donating a little or even becoming a Storm Drain Sponsor.

Note: The overall project is $6500 with other funding available for portions of the work. The expenses for this part of the project include:
$50 award for winning artist at Artsfest
Photo printing and promotion costs

To learn more about this project and see the art and artists from the last 3 years, click here.

James River Basin Partnership Profile

The James River Basin Partnership (JRBP)
 is a grassroots, not-for-profit, 501(c)3 organization working to improve and protect the water quality of the springs, streams, rivers, and lakes in the James River watershed which consists of almost a million acres of land in portions of 8 counties.

Basin Facts:

* 563 springs * 598 gaining streams * 151 losing streams * 3,163sinkholes *
* 931,112 acres * 95 % of SW Missouri’s drinking water comes from groundwater *

JRBP was formed in 1997 as a project of the Southwest Missouri Resource Conservation and Development. In August of 1999, James River Basin Partnership became an autonomous organization, relying on grant funding and membership donations from individuals, businesses and governments across the watershed.

Leading the organization is a core group comprised of the Board of Directors, Advisory Council, Executive Director, and support staff. The JRBP Board is comprised of dedicated volunteer members from across the region that represent the diversity of the James River watershed — county and city governments, educators, citizens, businesses, agriculture, and members-at-large. The JRBP Board is a working board and each Board member serves on one of our action committees.

As the only southwest Missouri watershed not-for-profit offering membership, we are committed to creating a community of water quality advocates in our region that can come together through education, action, and recreation!

Our financial backbone is comprised of 70% federal, state, and foundational grants & 30% comes directly from you through donations, membership, and fundraising events. We are proud to have overall support from our direct community and those organizations that are loyal to the conditions of our waterways.

Starting with support, we gain strength through the substantial commitment of local, excited citizens involved in JRBP projects, river clean-ups, and community gatherings. The quality of effort and the high degree of volunteer participation in our programs and events, adds joy to our not-for-profit and advancement for our mission. Our collaborative partner organizations also energize our mission and help expand our community’s water quality reach to new levels.


Our Goals:

• Implement water quality evaluation protocol.
• Implement programs to positively impact water quality.
• Increase citizen participation in water quality issues.
• Develop sustainable funding sources.


Storm Drain Reveal Cause Mo

<p>Hello Everyone! <br /> Thank you for helping us bring this unique event to Springfield once again. Although we did not reach our goal we are excited to say we have put the official Call for Artists out to the public and are still seeking other donors. The show will go on! We deeply appreciate your participation and support in funding this event through the Cause Momentum Campaign. If you have any questions please let me know and in the meantime stay tuned to our website for the event details and send all your artist friends our way! <br /> Sincerely, <br /> Tiffany </p>

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Info Regarding Your Pledge

<p>Dear donors,</p> <p>I want to once again thank you for your gift to the Storm Drain Reveal 2014. As you probably know, our project did not meet its goal. We are disappointed but undeterred in our mission of finishing this project. Many of you chose the “give anyway” option in the Cause Momentum system, which means that your pledge came to us despite the fact that we did not meet our goal. We thank you for that gift! If you did not choose the “give anyway” option, we completely understand and also thank you for your interest and pledge. That sum was returned to your Cause Momentum account as a credit, for you to use on a future project (because you have already received a tax receipt for the gift, the Community Foundation cannot return it to you as a refund).</p> <p>However, if you would like to make sure your money still goes toward our project, you can still donate it directly to the James River Basin Partnership. Here’s how:</p> <p>First, make sure you logged in to the Cause Momentum website and click “Profile.” In the upper right hand corner of the profile page, you’ll see your available balance. That’s how much you have to give, after the Cause Momentum fee.</p> <p>Second, go to https://www.causemomentum.org/agency/james-river-basin. On the right hand side of the page header, there will be a button that says “Donate Directly.” Click that button.</p> <p>Third, during the checkout process, you will see a box or button that says “Use available balance” or something similar. This will allow you to make a donation from your existing credits. You will not receive a second tax receipt, as your original pledge has already been fully accounted for for tax purposes.</p> <p>Of course you can keep your balance to support a future Cause Momentum project; we just wanted you to know this option was available, in case you decided you still wanted to give to our project, or perhaps you chose not to “give anyway” by error.</p> <p>If you have any questions or problems with this process, please contact me or Matt Lemmon with the Community Foundation of the Ozarks at mlemmon@cfozarks.org.</p> <p>Thank you again!</p> <p>Tiffany Frey <br /> tfrey@missouristate.edu <br /> 417-836-6183</p>

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Pledge Incentives

James River Basin Partnership

James River Basin Partnership envisioning clean rivers for your children and your grandchildren

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