Summit Prep Destination Imagination Team

The Summit Prep Destination Imagination Team is going to Globals! With their state championship already under their belts, our all-girl engineering team is heading to Kansas City to compete with teams from around the world!

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Project Overview

At The Summit, we are always looking for ways to engage our entire community for a special event. This week, The Summit is excited to have our students representing our state at an important competition.

An all-girl team of five STEM-minded 5th grade students will represent The Summit among 8,000 of the most creative students from over 15 countries.  The 20th Annual Global Finals Competition will happen in Kansas City, MO from May 22-25.

The Summit Prep Destination Imagination team began work on the engineering challenge "Monster Effects" early in the spring of 2019. In March of this year, they participated in the statewide championships in Joplin, Missouri.

The team's five ounce balsa wood structure withstood over 160 pounds of weight and qualified the team to represent the State of Missouri at the Destination Imagination Globals in Kansas City. 

The Destination Imagination Team needs your help. Admission fees, travel and lodging, and daily costs for the team and their chaperones will run into the thousands of dollars.

Any help you can lend to this incredible project is greatly appreciated by both the girls on the team and the entire Summit community. 


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