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The pandemic has further increased the burden on impoverished rural residents getting vital healthcare services that they so badly need. With limited public transportation options, the TCMH Medivan meets the need by helping area community members who otherwise would not have the means or resources to get to their appointments.

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Pledge Incentives

$10.00 Level

4 Supporters

Your gift of $10 or more will make an impact. A gift of at least $10 will allow us to transport one individual from the local Houston area to an in-town healthcare appointment and back home. Every donation of any size increases our project's momentum and helps out!

$25.00 Level

9 Supporters

Your donation of $25 enables us to do more! The impact of your gift will allow us to provide transportation for a couple of patients in the immediate Houston area or help assist a patient from one of the surrounding towns. Please consider sharing our project on your social media channels to help add to our momentum.

$50.00 Level

14 Supporters

Your generous donation of $50 allows us to help even more individuals enduring transportation challenges for their medical needs! Donors at the $50 level and above will be listed on the TCMH Facebook page following the event.

$100.00 Level

14 Supporters

Your generous donation of $100 will allow us to help multiple individuals! Donors at this level or more will be recognized on the TCMH website and listed on social media. Business donors of $200 or more can have their corporate logo displayed as well. PLEASE SEE THE SPECIAL NOTE IN THE PROJECT DESCRIPTION REGARDING 2021 STANDARD TAX DEDUCTIONS. This could be a great opportunity to help with our important cause and benefit you as well!

Project Overview

The Texas County Memorial Hospital (TCMH) Medivan made over 900 trips last year and covered 33,000 miles in the process of getting community members to and from important healthcare appointments.  These medical services could be lifesaving or life altering including dialysis, cardiac rehab, pulmonary rehab, physical therapy, or important clinic visits to possibly help stem worsening health conditions an avoid emergency department visit.

In trying to help area residents especially the elderly or low income, the wheelchair accessible vans play an important role in providing a door to door transportation option for these community members.  The Medivan service works hard to meet the critical need by offering low-cost fares.  In many cases, the impoverished may still not have the means to cover the costs.  Still yet, TCMH knows how important it is that residents get the healthcare services that they so desperately need and attempts to find a way to help with the transportation no matter what the circumstances may be.

TCMH is a small, independent rural hospital with limited resources.  Given that, TCMH seeks grant funds and possible donations to try and help sustain the service.  Your donation can help partially cover the costs for transporting individuals that cannot pay or do not have the means otherwise to get to badly needed healthcare appointments.

Please consider making a donation today to help TCMH continue providing this important community service! 

***SPECIAL NOTE: For the 2021 tax year, people who take the standard deduction can deduct up to $300 of cash donations to charity. (Please consult with your own tax advisor before making a gift.)  You can help us while helping your own potential tax liability.  A win-win situation!


Give Ozarks Day - Thanks!

Thanks for your terrific support of Give Ozarks Day and more specifically the TCMH Medivan! The Medivan provides an important service to assist community members with their healthcare-related transportation needs. Your gift will help us to sustain this program and ultimately impact lives in the process. Thanks again for your support!

Please share our giving page link with your contacts and friends!

Give Ozarks Day - Update

Thanks again for your support! Because of individuals like you are we are nearing the $3,000 mark!

Please share our giving page with your friends or contacts! Hopefully, they will help further boost our vital fundraising efforts!

Give Ozarks Day - Final number

Thanks to your generous support we raised over$3,300 for the Medivan! That is great news and we could not have done it without your help! We are very grateful for your support! THANKS AGAIN FOR PARTNERING IN OUR FUNDRAISING EFFORTS!


About Texas County Memorial Hospital Foundation

The TCMH Healthcare Foundation is a non-profit organization with a mission to ensure the quality of healthcare services for children, women and men at TCMH. The Healthcare Foundation serves TCMH as an avenue for fund raising.  The Foundation directs multiple programs for giving through which generous, community minded individuals may support TCMH and its various programs.


The Foundation works very closely with the TCMH administration and community leaders to identify needs and resources. The Healthcare Foundation seeks charitable contributions from individuals, businesses, and corporations. The funds may be used in the purchase of new medical equipment, community wellness, prevention, and outreach services, as well as renovation and new facilities. By supporting the Foundation, you are touching lives daily.

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