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Help GLO create a community garden on Commercial Street in honor of Jim House, local LGBT activist, and GLO founder! With your help, GLO will create the Jim House Community Garden from scratch in its unused lot. The Jim House Community Garden will host classes, events, meetings, and a gardening program for the community.

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Pledge Incentives

$5.00 Level

8 Supporters

Your $5 donation pays for one pallet to build our garden fence. We need about 250 donations at the $5 level to complete our fence.

$10.00 Level

10 Supporters

Your $10 donation supplies us with two seed packets of vegetable/herb seeds for our garden!

$25.00 Level

9 Supporters

Your $25 donation will help us build up our tool supplies. Tools will be cared for and your donation to our garden will be useful and appreciated by years of gardeners!

$50.00 Level

11 Supporters

Your donation of at least $50 will help us build our garden beds, tool shed, and maintain the garden year-round!

Project Overview

"Having gardens in our community is so important, for a number of reasons. Community gardens offer a way for people to become more connected to their food supply directly bridging the garden-steward to the building blocks of their chemistry in mind and body. Giving our youth the opportunity to cultivate this allyship with their nutrition has shown to increase confidence and improve self-image. This, along with the cooperative nature of gardening, makes it a powerful tool we can use to help queer youth in our community understand who they are, and how they fit into the larger tapestry of our community."   

Hunter Bartelt- Future Jim House Community Garden Champion 

The GLO Center plans to turn our unused 3,000 square foot lot into a well-loved garden and meeting space by utilizing affordable material, repurposed supplies, and community support. We will use pallets to create a functional fence that will also serve as vertical garden beds for greens, flowers, and herbsFor our first year, we plan to start with 4, 8’ garden beds. Our tool shed will keep our supplies orderly and safe and will house surveillance camera that GLO staff will have access to. Also included in our plans is a “stump classroom” that will give everyone the space to sit and meet. Our goal is to keep this space as useful and interchangeable as possible to provide GLO and community members alike a safe space to host groups of people.  

Utilizing the Junior Master Gardener curriculum and regularly hosting master gardeners from the area, we will actively build a lively, informative educational program that will keep participants engaged and excited. Part of our garden educational experience will include composting. We’ll have a designated compost corner that will provide the future growing seasons with free and nutritious soil. 

The Board of Directors will take an active role to ensure the success and longevity of the garden. Once started, we will also have a team of garden champions that will lead participants and guide mentors to oversee the daily and weekly tasks. Our goal will be to produce 500 pounds of fresh produce the first summer! We are confident that with the community’s help, we will succeed in achieving this goal! Although not officially launched, we have already received plenty of positive feedback and a considerable amount of interest in volunteering. Not only will this garden turn an unused, empty lot into an ongoing community outreach effort, but it will be an excellent addition to GLO’s program roster, and will be a great addition to Commercial Street’s eclectic and community-minded makeup. 





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