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The inspiration

Tom Billionis touched a lot of lives. An active Downtowner, Tom co-founded The Coffee Ethic in 2007. He had a tremendous passion for life and loved sharing his coffee expertise with everyone. He cared deeply for his friends. He was an encourager, a teacher and a role model. Now, we'd like to honor him in return with a plaque on Park Central Square.

The goal

Our goal is to raise $4,000 to place a plaque on Park Central Square in honor of Tom's rich legacy of community service and as a gift to his wife Michelle and their three daughters—Marin, Grace and Amelia. The plaque will be produced by Pinnacle Sign Company and will detail Tom's passion for life and downtown culture. Please see the attached draft of the plaque.

Please consider donating to memorialize this inspiring individual whose legacy continues to bring people together in downtown Springfield and beyond.

Downtown Springfield Association Profile

The Downtown Springfield Association’s (DSA) mission is to cultivate and sustain a vibrant business community represented by a balance of retail, professional, service, dining and entertainment entrepreneurs. We are located in the heart of downtown Springfield.


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