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TrailSpring is building 66 miles of world-class trail on Historic Route 66. And it’s minutes from downtown Springfield. Get stoked! This project is dedicated to creating an accessible, scalable, and sustainable trail system utilized by Springfield residents and tourists alike.

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Trail - Alongside the shovels, rakes and wheelbarrows are hundreds of painstaking hours crafting every second of an awesome singletrack experience. On average, 3 feet of singletrack trail will cost $25. Every dollar counts and quickly add up to miles of professionally designed sustainable trail that can be enjoyed by thousands of cyclists, runners, and hikers for years to come.

$75.00 Level

21 Supporters

Wooden Features - Cutting singletrack trail over, around, and through the Ozarks is no easy task - some gullies, rivers, and limestone features require more than just five star trials bike handling to traverse. Bridges, boardwalks, and other wooden features provide users with a higher quality trail experience while maintaining the integrity of the scenic features that make the Ozarks a beautiful place to ride.

$250.00 Level

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Stone Armoring - Looking at it in the parking lot you'd have a hard time imagining such excitement over a $250 pile of rocks. However, see it laid carefully over a trail and the value becomes clear: Stone armoring provides fun technical challenges to trail riding while also providing long-term sustainability to areas vulnerable to erosion or high traffic.

$500.00 Level

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Berms and other Warp Speed Features - Defying gravity and ferrying riders from one high-speed corner to the next, berms and trail flow are arguably the most coveted, grin-inducing features on the trail. The fun-factor is directly equivalent to the painstaking work trail builders invest into their construction: Hours with shovels, rakes, and machines help build, shape, and maintain these warp speed smile factories.

Project Overview

Dirt 66 seeks to spur on an outdoor renaissance in Springfield, bringing with it tourism, infrastructure, and quality of life improvements.

Retention & Attraction

Many young professionals are deciding where they want to live first and then finding a job once they get there. These young professionals seek urban walkable environments and communities that have unique natural amenities, such as the proposed Dirt 66. We wish to create amenities that help attract new talent while retaining the existing talent. Stop the brain drain!

Family Focus

Families often look for ways to get active and stay healthy. Rather than having a parent standing on the sideline of a soccer game, trails allow families to engage in a fun activity together. Shade structures, picnic tables, and other amenities also expand the versatility of trails, as one parent can ride a more advanced trail while the family spends time at a central place in one of the zones.


By design, Dirt 66 is a comprehensive trail system offering riders of all skill levels a fun and engaging experience. We offer a variety of trail types and difficulty levels, allowing a rider to progress in skill level from beginner to advanced trail.

Diverse Trails & Amenities

Dirt 66 isn’t designed for just hardcore shredders, nor does it pull its punches. This is a complete and inclusive trail system designed around a variety of trail types. From greenway and gateway trails to contour flow trails and technical downhill lines.

Mellow when it matters, steep when it’s sensible, Dirt 66 will have something for everyone.


Designing trails in 6 separate zones is great. Connecting those 6 zones through greenways and other bicycle infrastructure to create a continuous natural surface mega park minutes from downtown Springfield is even greater. One of the most important guiding principles for this project is building a connected system. Like any good candy bar, enjoy it in pieces, or bite off the whole thing and get siiick!


We desire to maximize the available mileage not just for mileage’s sake, but to create a destination that people can come to ride and stay over a series of days. Available mileage is something people consider when choosing a system to ride.


The goal of any bike park, or trail system is to make it sustainable. This is achieved in many ways. The first is through proper design. When designing Progressive Trail Design is constantly thinking about where the water is going to go, and how to properly drain the trails to prevent erosion.

This brings us to the second way of achieving sustainable trail; modern machine built trail. Development of Dirt 66 will see the utilization of machines such as the Sutter 300 Trail Dozer, mini-excavators, powered wheelbarrows, plate compactors, and many hand tools. The use of the heavy equipment makes the build more efficient, and proper drains can be built. These machines will be used to create trails with slopes, grades and undulations that allow water to run over and permeate through and around the rock instead of on soil.

The final approach to sustainable trail design is through the selective methods in which it’s constructed. Depending on the condition of the terrain or the intended goal of the trail itself, some areas of Dirt 66 will not see machines used for development and instead employ the use of hand tools. This type of trail takes longer, but can also be some of the most rewarding trail to build and ride.

Murney Associates
Our friends at Murney Associates have decided to take trail stewardship to the next level with a $2,000 donation match! Every donated dollar will be matched 100% up to $2,000, generating a $4,000 total contribution to building and maintaining epic Ozark singletrack trails.

Hogan Land Title
Our partners at Hogan Land Title have decided to keep the stoke level even higher with a $5,000 donation match! Every donation will be matched 100% up to $5,000. That's $10,000 total in donations toward developing a world class singletrack experience right here in the Ozarks.many folks who might struggle with fitness as I have. Thanks for listening.



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About TrailSpring, Inc

TrailSpring is about connecting you to the beautiful terrain of the Ozarks, whether you shred singletracks, run religiously or hike the hills with your kids every chance you get. Our passion is building multi-use trails to bring together outdoor enthusiasts of all ages, tailoring these trails to the community, and designing them to be sustainable, safe and fun. We’re focused on building the Ozarks through recreational economic engagement.

We’re proud to say that the engineering experts at Progressive Trail Design design our trails. They’ve built many of the most innovative bike parks in the nation and set high standards for safety and sustainability. Their work is on the cutting edge of trail development.

DIRT 66, another natural surface, multi-use trail system connecting six green zones in north Springfield, is our newest and biggest project to date. Designed for hiking and running, but optimized for mountain biking, Dirt 66 is named after Route 66 and is just as historic; it’ll incorporate greenway and on-road connections to each zone, providing safe passage and alternative transportation for commuting, while connecting 66 miles of trail between many of Springfield’s parks. Work is already underway, and with the financial support of our corporate donors and generous individuals like you, Dirt 66 will soon be an exciting reality.

TrailSpring, Inc

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