Victim Emergency Shelter: From Chaos to Calm

Creating an environment for victims of violence to begin healing!

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Project Overview

Amanda's journey is a tragic one, yet one we know well.  When a victim has decided to leave a violent relationship, the potential for increased violence is much higher because the abuser is losing control of the situation.  Victims arrive at our shelter, scared, lonely, hopeless and very unsure of their decisions.  When creating the emergency shelter, the CADV team took specific steps to ensure the environment was welcoming and nurturing for victims and their families.  They created a soothing environment to support healing.  

The emergency shelter has seen many victims and their families over the years and is in need of upgrades.  New window coverings, bedding, paint etc.  We have been blessed to remain open during the pandemic, although we had to work very differently to protect everyone.  As you saw in Amanda's story, her abuse was increasingly violent and resulted in her ultimate murder.  The need for emergency shelter services is NOT going away and in fact the demand has increased with the impact of the pandemic.  We see approximately 1,100 victims annuallly and this creates a lot of wear and tear on our building.  

We have identified a plan to 'refresh' our shelter and continue to welcome victims and their families.  Help us to do so!  We are so grateful for a community that engages with us in this fight against violence - we all deserve better than that!  Thank you for your consideration!  Our victims are aware of the support of the community and are touched by it.  I once had a victim tell me, with tears in her eyes, that she couldn't believe the community cared about us - as she witnessed a donor dropping off some goods for the victims!  It matters!


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About Citizens Against Domestic Violence, Inc

CADV History

Citizens Against Domestic Violence, Inc (CADV) is a private non-profit service organization serving victims of domestic and sexual violence and their families in the Lake of the Ozark Area.  We were founded in 1984 and serve Miller, Morgan and Camden counties.  All services we provide are free and confidential for our victims.  We have an active and engaged board of directors, consisting of community business owners, school representatives, healthcare professionals, law enforcement, business leaders and concerned citizens.  In addition, our staff includes 15 dedicated individuals who are passionate about serving victims!

CADV Mission

Citizens Against Domestic Violence strives to cultivate a culture of resiliency in which individuals experiencing abuse are empowered to thrive.  Through advocacy services and community engagement we will purse an end to violence in the lake area.

CADV Continuum of Services

CADV services include:  emergency housing - shelter, 24-hour crisis hotline, hospital advocacy, legal advocacy, crisis intervention, community based outreach advocacy, Crime Victim’s Compensation application assistance, Safe-At-Home application assistance, community referrals for counseling, community referrals for general resources and weekly support groups.  



Citizens Against Domestic Violence, Inc

Camdenton, MO
(573) 346-9630