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We need your BACON to give our Bacon accessibility. Kiwanis Club of Poplar Bluff needs more accessibility for our community playground. In 2017, we were able to install phase 1 of the equipment at Kiwanis Bacon Memorial Park; now we are working on fundraising for phase 2!

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Project Overview

Our belief is that kids who learn to play together in an inclusive play area will grow up accepting each other for their differences.  For the past 5 years our members have been working on fundraisers such as a haunted house and a Nashville Christmas Show as means to install all-accessible playground equipment in Kiwanis Bacon Memorial Park.  Have we been making progress, you bet!  

In 2017, we opened the first phase; a major component consisting of 4 slides, monkey bars, hand pedals, rings and a wheelchair ramp to the middle of the play area.  We also paved and refurbished walkways and bridges leading to the play area and a nearby pavilion making them more easily and safely accessible.  However, we're not finished - there's so much more we want to provide through independent play components.   

We need your BACON to complete our final phase of accessibility in Kiwanis Bacon Memorial Park.  Phase 2 will cost $100,000 for the entire project.  Our goal for this leg of fundraising is $5,000.  What will $5,000 do?  It could pay for at least one piece of equipment like a swingset with ADA bucket seats and traditional scoop seats or additional seating around the play area.

The surface material surrounding the equipment is made from recycled tires and is poured in place after installation.  This provides added safety by cushioning falls and securing mobility tread.  Wheelchairs, walkers or crutches won't get hung up like they would in pea gravel or wood chips.  The rubber surface covers concrete and is more than double the cost of pea gravel or wood chips.

Kiwanis Bacon Memorial Park is owned and cared for by the organization and our incredible volunteers throughout the community.  Local businesses continue to show their support through cleanup days, picnics in the park and sponsorships.  In the last 5 years, volunteers have put in over 50,000 recorded hours of community service in the park and through fundraisers for this equipment.  

Hopefully, all you ever need to wonder about is when you and your family will enjoy a day of play outside.  But if you find yourself or a member of your family in need of a safe and secure accessible playground, Kiwanis Bacon Memorial Park will be there for you.  The only other park like it is at least 95 miles away.

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The Kiwanis Club of Poplar Bluff is here to serve our community and the youth of our community, by creating opportunities for children to be curious, safe and healthy regardless of the community in which they live. We strive to give children the chance to learn, experience, dream, grow, succeed and thrive.  The club has a variety of fundraisers and activities to help with those goals and to help support Kiwanis Bacon Memorial Park.  The park contains a softball field, a practice field used for soccer and football, several family and personal pavilions, a 9-hole Frisbee Golf course and the Thadis Seifert Walking Trail.  In 2017, Phase I of the all-inclusive playground equipment was installed and funding for Phase II is ongoing.  The Club has been active in Poplar Bluff since 1921.  

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