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Lives and communities depend on our emergency rescue team to help rescue and transport animals in need. We need your help to continue this life saving project!

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Pledge Incentives

$10.00 Level

64 Supporters

Your gift of $10 can help us provide antibiotics to an animal in need.

$25.00 Level

116 Supporters

Your donation of $25 allows us to feed an animal in our care for an entire month.

$50.00 Level

56 Supporters

Your generous donation of $50 can provide boarding for a stray animal.

$100.00 Level

34 Supporters

Your generous donation of $100 can provide x-rays needed for an injured animal.

Project Overview

Despite the pandemic and cancelled fundraisers, Rescue One has not stepped away from our mission of bettering the lives of animals in our community.  Last year alone we rescued 2,271 animals and paid $409,283.11 in veterinary expenses.  Approximately 21% of our intakes come in through our emergency rescue team.  This team works with many law enforcement agencies to pick up injured, sick, or stray animals in areas without animal control resources.  Many of these animals have been hit by cars or injured by other animals and require extensive medical care. This is an expensive program and we do not receive any government funding to provide this service.  The loss of income from our in person fundraisers has been a huge struggle for our organization.  With your support, our emergency rescue team can continue to help the most vulnerable animals in our community. 

Artie is one of many animals that came in through our emergency rescue program after he was found abandoned in a conservation area. He was emaciated, a severe skin infection, and both ears were infected. In the following weeks his fur began to grow and his body was filling out. After being in our care for 7 weeks, Artie had gained over 40lbs and was cleared for adoption.  He quickly found his forever home soon after that.  This would not have been possible without the support of donors.  Lives are depending on the generosity of you and the community we serve to continue this life saving program.  Please consider making a donation today to help us give them a tomorrow!



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About Rescue One

Since becoming licensed with the Missouri Department of Agriculture in the summer of 2014, Rescue One has rescued over 6,500 animals. We work with many area law enforcement agencies to help counties that do not have animal control resources for sick, injured, or stray animals. Through our emergency rescue team, we are able to transport and provide them with the care they need at the Rescue One Medical Facility. Our medical facility provides veterinary care for all of the animals we intake and is overseen by our staff veterinarian. We rescue without regard to breed, age, or ease of placement. Our goal is to not only rescue animals in need but to also educate the public on responsible pet ownership through our spay and neuter assistance programs and monthly low cost vaccination clinics.