White Park Tennis & Basketball Improvements

The Aurora Park Board’s goal is to raise $2000 to finish the renovation of the tennis and basketball courts in White Park. We desire to install score keepers, courtside trash bins, benches and new backboards. To beautify the park, a donation for 3 maples trees is requested.

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Pledge Incentives

$1.00 Level

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Your gift of $1 or more will make an impact. Every donation of any size increases our project's momentum and takes us closer to our goal.

$20.00 Level

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Your contribution is 1 percent of the total funds needed. Challenge your co-workers, family and friends to help make our community better.

$50.00 Level

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Score Keeper’s Tube: It’s hard enough to play tennis let alone keep score! The score keeper’s tube attaches to the net post. As points are earned, the player moves their spare ball up the tube. The Park Board would like to have 2 tubes total.

$55.00 Level

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Trash bin / Drink Tray- The Park Board would like to provide a clean environment for recreation. When this item is attached to the net post, players will no longer have to put their drinks on the court and trash will easily be disposed. The Park Board is requesting 2 of this item.

$65.00 Level

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Your donation will cover the expected cost of installation.

$75.00 Level

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We must pay a significant sum to get these items to Aurora. Your donation will go towards the estimated shipping cost of the requested items.

$100.00 Level

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Make a GRAND SLAM to purchase BOTH score keeper’s tubes.

$110.00 Level

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Make a GRAND SLAM to purchase BOTH trash bin/drink trays

$200.00 Level

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Trees: It has been more than 20 years since new trees have been planted in White Park. Your donation will purchase one maple. The red, orange or yellow leaves will be a reminder each year of your support towards this project. A minimum of three trees is requested and budgeted for in this project. Any funds that exceed the goal will go towards the purchase of additional trees.

$250.00 Level

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Court Benches: Currently players must sit on the courts to change shoes or rest. The new benches will be placed on the courts for that purpose. The Park Board is asking for 2 benches.

$275.00 Level

1 Supporter

Basketball Backboard/Goals - Over $50,000 was spent to improve the tennis and basketball courts in 2014. Grant money partially funded the improvements. Help complete this project by donating for the purchase of one backboard. Two backboards total are needed.

Project Overview

The Aurora Park Board’s goal is to improve the quality of life in Aurora by updating the parks. Since 2013, we have made more than $500,000 of improvements to White Park. In 2014, more than $50,000 in renovations to the tennis and basketball courts were made possible through a grant from the United States Tennis Association (USTA). We are asking for further financial assistance to complete this project.

You can help us finish the refurbishment of the tennis and basketball courts in White Park! Some of this project was funded with a grant. We are asking for donations to purchase and install two score keepers, two courtside trash bins , two benches, two backboards, and three trees. The total cost to finish this project is $2,000.

A bit about the equipment needed: To help players keep score, we hope to install two score-keeper (a photo above illustrates how these are used). We also want to promote a clean environment by installing two courtside trash cans. Two courtside benches will complete the project at the tennis courts. The adjacent basketball court, which was revised to be regulation size, also needs two backboards to complete the project.

Additionally, we feel this recreational setting will be enhanced by adding trees to beautify the area. Any funds raised above the $2,000 goal will go toward the purchase of hard maples to be planted in White Park.

This is an exciting time for Aurora. We thank you for your consideration of joining us in reaching our goal!


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The Aurora Park Board was first organized in 1971. A tax levy generates our income.  To identify and implement park improvements is our mission.  To "Bee Active" encourages fitness which promotes better health.  Due to a limited budget, some projects are made possible through grants and generous donations.

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