Help Women Escape Poverty!

Help provide furnishings, display racks and shelving, and get Ozarks Mountaintop Cottage in Ozark off the ground -- for the good of women in Christian and Greene counties!

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Your gift of $1 or more will make an impact. Every donation of any size increases our project's momentum and takes us closer to our goal.

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A donation of $50.00 would help purchase shelving for display purposes.

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Your gift of $100.00 will help us purchase a variety of display racks and equipment needed to open the "Ozark Mountaintop Cottage," an upscale resale shop to provide the revenue stream into the Christian Women's Job Corps. The CWJC's mission is to teach job and life skills with one-on-one mentoring; promote job placement to eliminate government assistance; and give women a future and a purpose in life!

Project Overview

Do you believe "poverty" should last forever? We don't! That is why we are passionate about bringing hope to women that are trapped in this reality.

Help us "break" the cycle of poverty in the Springfield, Nixa, & Ozark, Missouri areas by giving to the CWJC upscale resale shop, "Ozarks Mountaintop Cottage." We need display racks, shelving, & equipment for a 3,000 sq ft building located in Ozark MO, already secured. We have a substantial number of people, businesses, and churches ready to donate clothing, home décor, and furniture to stock this store, but we need the infrastructure! Our budget is set and our volunteers are gearing up for the Grand Opening Day!

Christian Women's Job Corp of Southwest Missouri is a ministry to help women in all types of poverty situations.  We will be working with the local agencies as well as churches to work with women that are in need.  We are a part of a national ministry, created by WMU (Women's Mission Union) in which there are approximately 250 work sites across the United States. We are currently working through Countryside Christian Church in Ozark, but have applied for 501C3 status to serve the Springfield/Ozark/Nixa area.

Our mission is to teach bible study to bring women to know who Jesus is and how He can radically change their lives.  We will help each woman identify their strengths which will lead to determining their purpose in life. We will be teaching job skills, basic computer classes, nutrition and health classes, tutoring for GED, money management, as well as other job and life skills to increase their qualifications for employment or better employment.  We will also help them connect to businesses through a job shadowing program as well as entrance into a college for continuing education and promote job placement.

Our one-on-one mentoring program makes us unique in that each woman will be assigned a Christian woman that will walk with her along her journey.  She will pray with her, study scripture with her, and listen to what is going on in her life.  This spiritual/emotional support is important because many women are experiencing devastating events in their life, from divorce, job loss, physical/mental abuse, a homeless situation, etc. 

We are thankful for your generous support and will work very diligently in keeping our community aware as women's lives are changed and government assistance is a part of their past, not their future.



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About Christian Women's Job Corps of Southwest Missouri

CWJC of Southwest Missouri is a part of a national ministry created by WMU (Women's Mission Union) in March 1997.  Currently, there are over 250 work sites across the United States, mainly in Alabama, Tennessee, and Texas. 

Our 8 key elements bring a unique and proven effectiveness to the ministry:

1.  We are certified with the National office.

2.  We have applied for our 501(C) 3 status.

3.  We have conducted a variety of needs assessments within our community.

4. We continue networking with community agencies, businesses, & churches.

5.  We sign covenants with volunteers, mentors, and participants.

6.  All participants will be connected with a one-on-one Christian woman mentor to encourage her throughout the process.

7.  We teach bible study because we believe that Jesus will work within each participant to change her life, bring healing to her life, and give her a purpose as she seeks job placement.

8.  We evaluate our work site each year and look for ways to become more effective and reinerate our purpose.


Christian Women's Job Corps of Southwest Missouri

Ozark, Missouri